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This course addresses researchers that are more fluent in English than in German but are required by law (Genetic Engineering Safety Regulations (GenTSV) § 28) to participate in a certified course in order to take up a position as a Project Leader (Projektleiter, PL) or Biological Safety Officer (Beautragter für Biologische Sicherheit, BBS). In addition, the course will be very helpful for English but not German speaking researches that have essential functions in conducting gene technology experiments without the need to become Project Leaders or Biological Safety Officers in the near future, since the participation in the course will enable them to understand and fully comply with all regulations that govern genetic engineering facilities in Germany.

The goal of the course is to enable the participants to perform preemptive risk assessment of any planned gene technology project and to determine the required measures to be taken according to § 6 of the German Genetic Engineering Act. The participants will also learn how to build, equip, register and operate a genetic engineering facility in accordance to the German legal requirements and to classify their planned experiments with respect to the required biosafety level. The required scientific and administrative measures to be taken when performing genetic engineering experiments of any biosafety level in compliance with all legal requirements will be discussed with experts in gene technology from various fields of research as well as with experienced specialists of the approval and supervisory agencies.

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It is anticipated that the participants are knowledgeable in molecular biology, microbiology, classic as well as molecular genetics and fulfill in general the additional legal requirements according to § 28.2 GenTSV, i.e. (1) hold an academic degree in science (MS and/or PhD), medicine (MD) or veterinary medicine (VS) and (2) have at least 3 years of experience in gene technology, in particular in microbiology, cell biology, virology or molecular biology. However, these requirements are only essential for obtaining a permit to work as PL or BBS, but not for registration and participation in our course. In that respect, specialists coming from other fields, like engineering, law or public administration, may also profit significantly from participating in our course and will acquire special knowledge that my be helpful for their career. In addition the course may be taken before completing the required 3 years of experience in gene technology, since no particular order of the three requirements to obtain a permit to work as PL or BBS (academic degree, 3 years experience and successful completion of a certified course) is required by law.

Please keep in mind, that the certificate can only be issued to participants with sufficiant skills in English or German language.

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Course Approval


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Upon successful completion of the course, i.e. regular participation, a certificate will be issued that is approved by the responsible authority and valid throughout Germany. Upon request, an international certificate will be issued that may be helpful to obtain a licence to operate a gene technology laboratory in other countries.

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Since the maximum number of participants is restricted, we encourage you to register early on by sending the registration form by e-mail to
course-management, Mr. Schroeder: schroeder@biomedconcept.de

contact: Fon +49 30-450 292 81 and +49 30-450 830 18

Applications will be processed in the order of entry and replied by written confirmation.

Further Information

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or try by mail.

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Participation Fee:

Upon receiving the confirmation, please pay by money transfer the registration fee of € 425 (plus 19% VAT) to the account No. 000 465 6296 of BioMedConcept GmbH at the Deutsche Apotheker und Ärztebank eG (short: ApoBank), BLZ 300 606 01 (IBAN: DE57300606010004656296, BIC/SWIFT: DAAE DE DD). Please use the billing number as a reference for your money transfer. Employees of universities and public authorities may receive a reduction of 10%.

The fee includes the complete set of course materials, such as printed versions of all applicable European and German regulations, other relevant regulations, position statements of the ZKBS, official registration and reporting forms (also supplied on CD) as well as other useful documents. In addition the fee also includes all refreshments served during the coffee breaks (coffee, tea, mineral water, fruits and sweets) as well as the refreshments served at the reception on the first evening (drinks and finger food).

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In case of cancellation of up to 8 workdays ahead of the course, a processing fee of € 30 will be charged and any paid registration fees will be reimbursed. In case of cancellation within the last 7 workdays before the beginning of the course, the registration fee has to be paid in full. However, the registration can still be transferred to another person or to the same course at a later date.

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The course takes place in the historic building of the German Physical Society just opposite from the main entrance of the Pergamon Museum in the Center of Berlin (see Map). The building is in walking distance (10 min) of the train station "Friedrichstraße" which serves Regional Trains (RE 1, RE 2, RE 7, RB 14, RB 21, RB 22 and HBX), including those from Airport Schönefeld, S-Bahn (Lines S1, S2, S5, S7, S25 and S75) and U-Bahn (Line U6). Humboldt University, the Museum Island and the Dome of Berlin are all within a 10 min walking range.

Street Address:
Deutsche PhysikalischeGesellschaft e.V.
Magnus-Haus Berlin
Am Kupfergraben 7
D - 10117 Berlin-Mitte

See: Travel Directions, Street Map

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